Detroit Swindle have had a great 2012 dropping their debut release on Huxley’s Saints & Sonnets label quickly followed by Nothing Else Matters on Berlin’s Dirt Crew. A third EP on Geddes’ Murmur along bookings at Panarama Bar, Tresor and Zoo Project have all helped cement the Dutch duo’s reputation as ones to watch if you’re into deep, raw, bumpin, Detroit inspired house.

So with their Freerange debut they’ve turned in three brilliant tracks loaded with the Swindle-style pump they’re famed for. On opener Creep we’re treated to the ultimate shuffler with nagging pads, bouncing bassline and in-your-face drums. The simple arrangement and stripped back approach make it all the more commanding on the dancefloor which is where you’re best letting this beast off the leash.

Next up we have I Gotta Know which picks up the pace a touch and lightens the vibe with added vocal cuts and soulful chord stabs. Guaranteed smiles and good times on the floor with rolling beats and another killer bumpin’ bassline.

Flip over for Brotherman which sees DS go way into Chicago territory with an uptempo jam making great use of a cut-up bluesy vocal and heavier groove. The pummelling kick and nasty subbass are balanced out nicely with some filtered pads and rhodes stabs ensuring the warehouse vibe stays intact.

Finally we have Wolf Music main man KRL stepping up to remix Brotherman and a rather sterling job he does to. Making great use of the vocal KRL brings us a slowed down version with his trademark shuffling drums and a dynamic arrangement. Piano stabs and a cheeky boogie synth sample all help bring his own sound to the track and round off the package perfectly.

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